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Engraving Solutions is specialized in the design and engraving of embossing rolls for tissue products

We offer a wide range of embossing technologies made with different engraving processes. Each with its own characteristics and peculiarities are able to meet the different needs of tissue manufacturers, such as the personalization of products with unique decors or the optimization of paper characteristics.

Creativity has no limits for Engraving Solutions. We have an archive of over 13,000 patterns at your service.
You want a 3D preview of your new product?

Discover Touch’N’Roll, the only 3D configurator in the tissue industry that offers the user a virtual experience, a representation of the final product, reducing time to market.

We work in synergy with our partners to help them achieve successful solutions.

We work daily to offer you unique, customized solutions based on your production needs and help you meet emerging market challenges.

Our services, your strategy

From embossing studies to sample production, to supply engraved rollers to launch new products or renew existing ones, Engraving Solutions supports you throughout the entire product development process.

Would you like to test your new products?

Thanks to the wide range of pilot lines we can help you to produce prototypes for evaluation purposes and to simulate and test product performance under real operating conditions.