Tailor Made Solutions
We design and create unique products for your market

The “tailor made” service is the result of the knowledge and skills gained in the tissue sector, combined with the desire for innovation that distinguishes Engraving Solutions. Our solutions are aimed at collecting and listening to the market inputs related to our customers’ needs, transforming them into tailor-made design proposals (such as prototypes, mock-ups, innovative patterns) able to combine functionality and aesthetics, creating effective and high performance solutions, designed for customers looking for unique solutions.

We help the customer to create unique products, combining the Made in Italy design with the functionality.

We provide a complete and customized support in every phase of the new product development from the initial embossing idea to the installation of the engraved rolls.

Engraving Solutions can help you make a difference in your market thanks to the continuous search for exclusivity of unique and functional design.

Embossing design can make you product’s features unique. For this reason it is increasingly important to research and pay attention to new embossed solutions.

Tailor made for you. Made in Italy.
Would yuo like to have a 3D preview of the decoration on your final product?