Pilot Lines
High and low speed Pilot Lines for all customers' needs

Thanks to the wide range of pilot lines available at our facilities worldwide, including the advanced Perini Constellation S6, we can support tissue manufacturers to perform panel tests to assess new market opportunities with dedicated production batches. We can also test product performance at real operating conditions (high speed) with the different winding technologies available on the market (3 or 4 rolls). Both high-speed and low-speed pilot lines are available to meet specific customers’ needs.

High-speed converting lines allow customers to test capabilities under realistic operating conditions.

Perini Constellation S6 Pilot Line – Lucca, Italy
The newest Perini Constellation S6 high-speed pilot line is the right answer for testing products’ features and performance under realistic operating conditions. This line is able to produce rolls at a maximum speed up to 700 m/min and product diameters up to 200 mm. It also features the latest technologies such as Paper Caliper sensors, Aquabond, Digital Tissue™ solutions, Warm and Lotionizer.

Speed: up to 700 m/min
Winding Technology: Perini Constellation S6

Sincro Pilot Line – Green Bay, Wisconsin
This Sincro Line was removed from a full production facility and transformed into the North American Pilot Line in 2014. This was undertaken as an investment in supporting our customers with the creation of new products and development of embossing technology. In 2018 the line underwent a complete control upgrade, and now incorporates the newest, most sophisticated controls, IoT, and cloud management tools of any rewinder line in the world.

Speed: up to 600 m/min
Winding Technology: Sincro Solid

Low-speed pilot lines are perfect for customers that want to develop new prototypes to access new market opportunities with low investment risk.

Sincro Pilot Line – Lucca, Italy
The Sincro Pilot Line was the first pilot line in the tissue industry, able to produce real tissue roll prototypes— a valuable asset for customers who want to validate new products or base sheets before engraving real steel rolls. Since 2003, the Sincro pilot line has attracted customers from every part of the world, becoming a solution for customers to guarantee the success of new products on the market.

Speed: up to 50 m/min
Winding Technology: Sincro – Solid/Solid+

High and low speed pilot lines for the production of prototypes and panel tests of tissue products.
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