Engraving Solutions innovates the embossing market with two brand new solutions for enhanced products in terms of quality, strength and aesthetics
October 6, 2023

Engraving Solutions, a service provider for the development of engraving patterns and the production of embossing rolls, part of the Körber Business Area Tissue, sets a new standard in the field of embossing technology with Warm-Up Ready and FLER, two exclusive solutions based on an electromagnetic induction heating system and an innovative texture concept, respectively. State-of-the-art technologies combined with consolidated know-how in the Tissue paper converting industry are the factors behind customers’ choice to rely on Engraving Solutions as the ideal partner for the creation of unprecedented finished products, thanks to customized and 100% Made in Italy embossing systems, which allow, in some cases, to triple sales.


Mauro Gelli, Engineering and R&D Manager of Engraving Solutions commented “In a highly competitive market scenario such as that of Tissue paper, it is important to offer a value-added service that goes beyond the production of engraving rolls. The complete proposal of ad hoc solutions, branded Engraving Solutions, is the result of constant investments in R&D, latest generation technologies and in-depth studies of new engravings. An approach that has led us to develop Warm-Up Ready and Fler, two innovative embossing systems with multiple advantages, including significant cost containment and superior quality of the finished product.”


Warm Up Ready and Fler: the new frontier of embossing

The engraving technology Warm-Up Ready developed by Engraving Solutions stems from Warm-Up Contactless, the first patent-pending system to use induction heating designed by Körber Business Area Tissue, which outperforms traditional systems. With this revolutionary solution, customers can reduce paper use and resistance loss during embossing, as well as increase its firmness, for a more compact output that is easier to pack and retains its integrity during transport. In addition, careful laboratory analysis conducted by the internal team of experts, has shown how hot embossing by chemical process is guaranteed to provide higher performance on any type of paper. Therefore, it is possible to both reproduce any kind of decorative image, for endless customizations in terms of shape and size, and to obtain products with superior mechanical properties. In particular, thanks to the unique 4D engraving technique, it is possible to change the slope of the elements according to their orientation or shape, so as to reduce embossing stress on the web where it is weaker. Drawing on that know-how, Engraving Solutions has perfected a new family of Warm-Up Ready engraving patterns that results in paper that is 13 percent more elongated, and finished products that are 8% softer and 13% more elastic.


In addition, the innovation leader is launching FLER – Fabric-Like Embossing Roll, for kitchen towel products and toilet rolls with a unique appeal and renewed aesthetic that simulate textured embossing. The new embossing family is based on a micro-embossing system created through the use of tips designed to evoke the traditional look of textiles, replicating the texture and tactile properties. The two innovations will be presented at MIAC, between October 11th and 13th. During the event, Engraving Solutions will showcase the latest results obtained from laboratory tests on the efficiency of Warm-Up Ready and FLER finished roll prototypes produced with the Perini ConstellationTM S6 pilot line.


Cutting-edge pilot lines for unmatched prototyping

Prototyping is, in fact, another hallmark of Engraving Solutions, worldwide. In Pivot Solutions, a center of excellence, the company combines its know-how in engraving and finished product technologies with the expertise of the Körber Business Area Tissue in tissue converting and packaging, for an unrivaled one-stop-supplier. Specifically, at the Center, Engraving Solutions and Körber Business Area Tissue customers are offered the opportunity to conduct testing and analysis on two pilot lines. The first, Perini ConstellationTM S6, tests product characteristics and performance under realistic operating conditions, for rolls at a speed of 700 m/min with a diameter up to 200 mm, and is equipped with the latest technologies such as Aquabond, Digital TissueTM-ready, Warm-Up Ready and Lotionizer. The second, Sincro Pilot Line, on the other hand, is the exclusive pilot line capable of producing prototypes of real tissue rolls, at a speed of up to 50 m/min processed with Sincro or Solid winding technology, to test new products extremely quickly, before their series production.


Dario Giannini, Customer Product Innovation Manager of Körber Business Area Tissue commented “Prototyping is an important service for our customers, who can experience firsthand the finished products, a plus compared to the traditional three-dimensional simulation. In addition to the pilot lines, we have a lab equipped with machines to carry out tests and analysis in accordance with regulations. From the design of the graphic concept to the analysis of the optimal model, from the creation of prototypes to the production of the rolls, Engraving Solutions and Körber Business Area Tissue are able to anticipate market trends as well as promote offer differentiation and a superior quality of the finished product, enhancing the business potential of its customers, as never before.”

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