Embossing technology for distinctive features!
4D technology
November 17, 2020

4D technology for distinctive features!


The term “4D” applied to the tissue converting sector was used for the first time by Perini Engraving (now Engraving Solutions) to identify an exclusive technology patented throughout the world (eg US patent 10,464,254 or Chinese patent CN 103561946).

The term “4D” means that, for the first time in 2011, the embossing tips are designed taking into account not only the 3 classic dimensions (height, width, length), but a “fourth dimension” is taken into consideration: the angle of the sides of the tips.

Thanks to this technology, this angle is made variable according to the shape of the tips themselves, in this way safeguarding the resistance of the embossed paper in the best possible way and is applicable to any type of product for tissue use obtained with chemically engraved embossing rolls.

For converters this has a double effect: it allows them to market better products from the point of view of resistance while maintaining the same base paper, or to maintain the same resistance starting from a less rich base paper. In both cases, the benefits are both environmental and commercial, both for transformers, for the final customer, and for the planet. The “4D” technology that realizes these advantages belongs exclusively to Engraving Solutions and is protected all over the world by specific patents. During these years, more than 200 rolls with “4D” technology have been produced worldwide by Engraving Solutions.

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