Smoothie: The revenge of entry-level tissue products.
September 18, 2020

The main characteristics of Smoothie Technology

This innovation is aimed at entry-level products where the demands are for low cost, convenience, competitive physical specifications, and a product that is readily available. This is generally found in away-from-home, and small private label markets. Many of these products employ single nip or ply-bonding technology for their embossing. Generally, they are produced with light dried crepe paper and contain a significant amount of recycled fibers. To contain the total product cost the paper is produced with a light basis weight and limited amount of long fibers. There is a lesser emphasis on the product attributes of aesthetics and softness.

A solution for smooth products

Smoothie was created to improve the hand-feel and aesthetics of these products, without impacting the cost of production.
Thanks to the unique, combined embossing and calendering process, Smoothie can improve the quality of the finished product. Rendering the paper softer to the touch while simultaneously improving the aesthetics. Hence the branding of the new technology as “Smoothie = to make smoother”.

Smooth like never before

The result is a product with a smooth, softer center, where improved hand-feel is important to the consumer, and enhanced aesthetics, due to the embossed decorative boarder. This results in a step change in product quality, for the investment of a single embossing roll.

Based on color, Engraving Solutions is currently offering the following products families produced for use of the Smoothie technology, always with calendered center:

Dual color with micro-embossed center
Single color with or without micro-embossed center
No color with or without micro-embossed center

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