Ex-Press Technology for Premium products
September 18, 2020

Double colour for very distinctive Tissue Rolls

Ex-Press represents the solution for the segment of premium products characterized by the search for high-quality standards and high prices. Products with refined decorations, colourful and soft to the touch, attractive and immediately recognisable on the shelf.

Double colour, one glue

The protagonist of the new technology is the colour. With Ex-Press it is possible to create products with double decoration and double colour through the use of embossers. How? With a simple pre-embossing station, as for the Colour-Embossing, the plies are decorated with a first ink colour inside the ply. In this way, the external surface is decorated but no ink is applied on it with no contact with the skin. Then, by passing the plies through the second embosser and using coloured glue, the paper is decorated with a second colour.

Coloured products and surprisingly soft to the touch

With this embossing decoration method, it is possible to create very colourful and personalised rolls, like those obtained with traditional colour prints, but eliminating the use of inks on the external surface. With Ex-Press the use of coloured glue is drastically reduced to less than 5% of the total surface area of the roll. This reduction results in significant improvements in the characteristics of the finished product. Thanks to the exclusion of ink from the surface, in fact, the roll will be softer and smoother to the touch.

Initially, Ex-Press was created for the production of hygienic products like toilet rolls for which softness and decors represent essential elements in the premium segment, but customers appreciate its functionality and benefits also for kitchen towels.

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