Fabric-Like Embossing Roll

This new family of engravings has been created using tips whose shapes mimic the structure and tactile sensation of textured and textile products, unlike the traditional mechanical or chemical methods. The innovative geometry and shape of the tips, completely different from traditional methods, allow for embossing with extraordinary definition and a unique visual appearance capable of simulating the tactile and aesthetic sensation of fabric or textured paper.
This type of engraving allows for the creation of unique and visually distinct embossed products compared to what is available on the market. These products can be made using both single and double nip, meaning one or two embossing rolls can be used. They can be engraved on single and double-height rolls. FLER is suitable for a wide range of tissue products, including hygiene and hand towels, as well as fold products like napkins or towels.

  • Aesthetic appearance similar to textile
  • Product differentiation.
  • Suitable for all types of tissue products: rolls and fold, with or without glue.
  • Compatible with all types of embossers and rolls, both single nip with double- height rolls or pre-embossing stations with double nip
A micro-engraving designed to simulate textured engravings.