Training and Consulting
Customized services to empower the technical skills of our partners

The world of embossing is very complex and is comparable to a kitchen course: the recipe must satisfy the most refined palates. For this reason Engraving Solutions offers its technical production expertise on the converting lines with dedicated audits focused on the embosser unit.

The consulting service’s aim is to help all customers to increase the efficiency and performance of the embossed products.

Inspections can be organized at the customer’s production site to verify the status of the product in relation to the converting line, paper and embosser. Through this service we can help customers to improve the performance of their embossed products.

Engraving Solutions can offer basic consulting on the various engraving technologies and their application on the embossing unit of the converting line.

Engraving Solutions, through this service, wants to increase the technical skills of its customers, so that they are ready for new market challenges for exclusive embossing.

Success is based on technical skills and knowledge.
Would yuo like to have a 3D preview of the decoration on your final product?