Rolls maintenance and regeneration
New life to your embossing rolls

Embossing rolls are a strategic element of a tissue converting line, able to help producers differentiate their products and improve their technical characteristics. Over time, the rolls used in the production process may be subject to sudden degradation or damage, with repercussions on the efficiency of the machine and the quality of the finished product. For this reason, Engraving Solutions offers to its customers a range of maintenance and regeneration services to give new life to existing rolls.

Services available

When you decide to replace an existing rolls, it must be scrapped or stored at the manufacturer’s warehouse with the risk, after years of activity, of collecting a large number of rolls, bulky and unused.

With the Restore service, the old embossing rolls are made usable again, as if they were new, giving the roller back the dimensions of the original design. Only the engraving feature changes; it can be a replica of the original design or a new design, depending on the customer’s needs.

The new roll can be easily installed on the machine from which it was previously removed, without having to check its compatibility with the relative motion transmission components. The Restore service is applicable on most of the rolls currently in use: Deco-Embossing, Rubber/Steel, DESL, Double-Height.

With the Re-Engraving service, the existing roll is subjected to a surface scaling action with removal of the engraving, with consequent reduction of the roll diameter. After that, the roll is ready to be engraved again.

The Re-Engraving service differs from the Restore service for a faster operation, even though it requires more technical devices for the positioning of the roll, with reduced diameter, on the embossing unit.

With the repair service, in case of located damage to the engraving roll, Engraving Solutions will repair the roll by reconstructing the engraving tips and returning the affected area to its original size.

After a first analysis of the problem on the damaged roll and the evaluation of the feasibility of the intervention, our team provides the repair with localized material. The repair activity can be carried out only at the Engraving Solutions production site.

Repairs on damaged rolls.
Give new life to embossing rolls thanks to the maintenance and repair services of existing rolls.