Circular Economy is here!

Embossing rolls are a strategic element of a tissue converting line, able to help producers differentiate their products and improve their technical characteristics.

Over time, the rolls used in the production process may be subject to sudden degradation or damage or simply become out of fashion for fast changing markets.

Embossing rolls you no longer need are large, heavy, definitely hard to handle. By selling your roll you can earn money, save space and help the environment.

The roll will be immediately inspected; the surface will be first turned then refurbished at nominal diameter, relenting it a second life.

Services available

Do you have unused rolls that you have discarded?

We buy them to bring them back to life so you feed the circular economy.
An advantage for you and a big advantage for the environment!

Circular Economy is here!
Give new life to embossing rolls thanks to the buy-back & rised services of existing rolls.