Big data analysis
Big data analysis

The global vision of the market and the expertise gained throughout the years, help Engraving Solutions to select the best embossing solutions for customers. Thanks to the valuable collaboration with the PIVOT laboratory, we are able to support you to develop high quality products. PIVOT analyzes data of tissue samples and translates it into recommendations on the best machine configuration for the paper product and suggestions to deliver consistent quality and improve OEE.


Thanks to the synergy with the Pivot laboratory, Engraving Solutions has a wide data archive of the main embossed products available on the market.

In the course of its history, Engraving Solutions has processed more than 13,000 engraving drawings, catalogued within a database that takes into consideration the technical characteristics and the geographical area in which they are distributed.

Our sales network frequently monitors the market’s trends and products distributed in the large scale distribution, providing suggestions and forecasts.

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