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Engraving Solutions was established in 2003 as a service provider for the development of embossing patterns and the production of embossing rolls.

Thanks to our knowledge we maximize the values of the end product attributes, optimize pattern efficiency and improve the overall performance of embossing systems in the world of tissue converting. Engraving Solutions creates customized solutions to meet all your embossing needs.

The process starts with a graphical concept, continues with the analysis of pattern options and includes different methods of sample production. The result is an embossing roll engraved with the most advanced technologies that meets the expectations of the market and the production facility.


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Experts in engraving

We provide the most advanced engraving technologies together with the necessary experience to understand the relationship between embossing pattern, raw material and finishing processing. Our extensive knowledge base, combined with our ability to analyze pattern designs, allows us to optimize the embossing process, maximize processing efficiency of the converting phase, emphasize specific attributes and promote the value of the finished products of our customers.


Meet the team
We work with partners all over the world

We work every day with customers and partners all over the world. This allows us to have a global vision of the tissue products market and help our customers to create unique solutions that meet the specific needs of their market.

We work in synergy with our partners to help them achieve successful solutions.